Ephraim Reich

Ephraim Reich

Ephraim Reich is a businessman and entrepreneur, director and founder of the Broken Heart Association, and chairman of the ImageStore Group.

Ephraim Reich Biography

Ephraim Reich was born in Israel in 1962, the eighth son of Shmuel Reich, a Sanz follower. At the age of sixteen, Ephraim began teaching with Rebbe Yekutiel Yehuda Halberstam, and after a year and a half, he became the sun and the rabbi's secretary.

Ephraim married Nehama and the family moved to Canada. In Canada, Ephraim started in the electronics business and after a few years moved with his family to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Ephraim Reich Business

Ephraim Reich built factories in Brazil in the field of medicine and in 1999 he and his family immigrated to Israel and settled in Kiryat HaBaal Shem Tov in Petah Tikva.

Ephraim Reich worked in Israel as the CEO of ITTI, a company that transferred computer output to microfilm.

In 2000, Ephraim Reich acquired ImageStore, which scans documents and stores them in microfilm and computer files.

Under Ephraim's management, the company grew and became more efficient from about twenty employees to about three hundred employees (2005).

ImageStore won the Israeli government's tender tender.

Ephraim Reich advocates the employment of ultra-Orthodox women in his factories and companies in order to reduce the level of unemployment in the ultra-Orthodox sector.

Ephraim Reich Philanthropy

Ephraim Reich founded the Broken Heart Association, which helps the mentally ill in ultra-Orthodox society.

Ephraim Reich has raised over 25 children (who were homeless or orphans) in his home over the years, in addition to his biological children, some for long periods and some for short periods.

Ephraim Reich
Ephraim Reich
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